What is the Lens Table Marketplace?

The Lens Table Marketplace is an online sharing platform for ARRI lens files. Registered users can upload their custom lens files or download custom lens files from other users.

How can I access the Lens Table Marketplace?

Simply register, login and you are ready to go. If you are already registered for the ARRI Forum, you may use the same credentials as for the Forum.

Which lens files are available from the Lens Table Marketplace?

All ARRI lens files that are contained within the Lens Data Archive (LDA) included in ARRI ALEXA and ALEXA Mini cameras and the Universal Motor Controller UMC-4 are available for download from the Lens Table Marketplace. In addition, custom lens files that have been programmed and uploaded by users are available for download, too.

How can I make sure the custom lens files are accurate?

Every lens table from the Lens Table Marketplace can be viewed as a graphical representation for each lens axis, showing the amount and consistency of available data points. A larger number of data points usually means a more accurate representation of the lens scale. The graphical representation should also be consistent and steady, without extraordinary peaks.
Once a file has been downloaded, the user can rate it with a five star rating system (the higher the amount of starts, the better).
The graphical representation of the lens axes and the file rating give a good idea about the quality of the lens file. However, we recommend to always testing a lens file before using it during production. Please note that ARRI assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and usability of lens files from the Lens Table Marketplace.
Fig. 1: Consistant focus curve

Fig. 2: Inconsistant focus curve

Why are files from the ARRI Lens Data Archive offered for download?

The ARRI Lens Data Archive (LDA) includes pre-programmed lens tables for all lenses offered by ARRI and some additional lenses. It is contained in all ALEXA camera models with lens control functionality, ALEXA Mini and the Universal Motor Controller UMC-4, and the lens files can be accessed from their respective menus.
However, the Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 (Software Update Package 3.0 onwards) offers wireless lens file transfer from an SD card inside the hand unit to the camera, while lens files can be organized in custom folder structures on the SD card. Organizing ARRI lens files on SD card the same way as custom lens files facilitates a straightforward workflow in handling lens files.

How are Zeiss scale classes handled?

Each scale class is handled as an individual lens file. E.g. If you have a 32mm Ultra Prime with scale class G, you want to download the file named UP 32 T1.9 G.