Recording formats/aspect ratios feature request.

Tue Jun 02, 2020 11:26 pm

I have been shooting a lot with the Mini LF and Just ordered one for myself. I ,and many other users I know of, would very much like more recording formats utilizing the full width of the sensor to use the full coverage of our expensive full frame lenses for maximum effect, and minimum data usage. 1:1,78(16/9) and 1:2 are two of the most pressing and most widely used. I f you can make a 1:2,39 4,5K you could surely also make a 1:1,78 4,5K and a 1:2 4,5K? I am sure that you would also be able to squeeze a few more fps out of the sensor, so that we could get the magic 50fps on one or more of these formats? Never mind the fan noise when we are shooting higher than 25 fps :-) We also need more and smaller formats around the S35 size and with 2x squeeze formats for our S35 and anamorphic lenses, hopefully along with higher frame rates. We need these features sooner rather that later, pretty please. I cant count the number of times I have been asked to shoot 50 fps in LF 4,5K and had to tell the director that we need to change the shooting format and the lens will not have the same FOV, etc. More formats are NOT going to confuse anyone, rather it will clear up more, because we dont have to shoot frame leaders, like we did in the old days, and less will be up to the post production after we fly away on new gigs. Just imagine the data savings on a show that shoots 1:2 4,5K, cropped versus one that shoots 1:2 in the full sensor 4,5K. Thank you for listening and looking forward to getting my personal Alexa Mini LF very soon!

JJ DOP Denmark.
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Re: Recording formats/aspect ratios feature request.

Wed Jun 10, 2020 2:21 pm

Hi Jens-Jakob!
Thank you for the ideas and feature requests, that is vey helpful.
We are currently working on integrating new recording resolutions into the ALEXA Mini LF and will announce them once the package is ready!

Cheers, Fred
Frederic Merten
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Frederic Merten
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Re: Recording formats/aspect ratios feature request.

Thu Jun 18, 2020 6:02 pm

+1 for these requests although I'm sure this has been a constant ask.

16:9 full sensor width and 50fps would be ideal.

s35 sooner than later would be very helpful. Not sure if we can hope for something higher than 90fps here but 120fps would be tremendously useful.
Brian Hanson
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