3rd Lexar card dead in 12 months

Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:50 am

Does ARRI have a substitute on Lexar 3600x 256gb cards now that they are not produced anymore? Since last december we have already 3 cards crapping out on set, last two being very lucky since we managed to transfer data out with slow transfer speeds but none the less have 3 cards die in under a year is not a good sign especially since SxS cards are still good since 2011 and all redmag 1.8" ssds we have are going since 2010 without errors or glitches.

Any recommendations are much appreciated.
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Re: 3rd Lexar card dead in 12 months

Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:40 pm

This is very concerning. I have a friend who has lost 2 of these cards in the last couple months and there was footage on them that was very important and not able to be retrieved. I have 3 of these cards and have not had a problem yet (knock on wood) but I am now very nervous. I feel like I have to be offloading throughout the day onset in case we need to reshoot a scene if a card goes down. $700/card for something you can't count on is pretty sad. Maybe that's why they have been discontinued? Arri, can you address this? Will there be a SanDisk option out that is more reliable? Reliable cards are obviously quite essential. Most of us would want/need 256GB minimum that we can always depend on.
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Re: 3rd Lexar card dead in 12 months

Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:01 pm

Hi Kārlis,

if the cards were bought from ARRI, you should hurry to get them replaced while they are under warranty. Once that is passed, you'll only be able to get a credit of some kind from Micron/Lexar customer support.

We are currently working on the support of a SanDisk cards, which should become available by the end of the year.
Now please don't go running and buy these cards before we released the SUP. We planned to do this in April, but ran into some issues and had to postpone the support. This left some dealers and customers sitting on a pile of cards they won't be able to use until we can finally support them.
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