Problem with wired WCU-4 3 axis lens control

Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:38 pm

Having a problem with wired 3 axis lens control. Zoom axis will not work when hard wired from the WCU-4 to the EXT port. Focus and Iris is fine, but Zoom is "dead" The Zoom motor will calibrate like normal but is unresponsive after calibration. In wireless configuration all three axis work -- so the stick on the WCU-4 and the motor is fine. Have tried switching cables (L-bus and LCS-EXT), have tried switching motors and re-assigning motors, have tried reducing to 2 and 1 axis setup, but it's all the same: the Zoom axis will not work in wired configuration but in Wireless it's fine.

Anyone run in to the same problem?
Joachim Heden
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