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Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:50 pm

I'm prepping for a low budget feature that will be shot on the Alexa Mini with a Wooden Camera A-box installed. This will give me a way to connect line-level from the recorder so that we have a scratch audio track along with the video. (The audio recorder does not record time-code, so we will use the scratch track to sync the audio tracks in post.)

My question is about using the time-code recorded on the Alexa Mini. If we set the TC Options->Run mode to Free Run and manually set the time code to the current time (in 24 hour format), will the time code recorded on each take be the time of day of that shot? (This is from pages 67-71 of the Alexa mini manual. I want to verify my understanding since I won't be able to test this until the day of the shoot.)

NOTE: The audio recorder will record time-of-day also. We will use these two times to make it easier to relate the various audio track files to the the matching video recording file.

How does the Alexa mini name the video recording files and what is the structure of the data files on the storage media? (I didn't find any mention of that in the manual. Where is the file structure documented?)

Thank you for your help,

Robert Shaver
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Re: Sound Department Questions

Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:50 pm

Dear Robert,

question one
yes, free run and under EDIT you can choose "set to time"

question two
file structure:
{root}/A001R00H/*.mov (for ProRes)
{root}/A001R00H/*.mfx (for ARRIRAW)

the file-names are like this:

M = camera index letter {A to Z}
001 = reel number {0-999}
C005 = clip number {C001 - C999}
161207 = date {in this example: 7th of December 2016}
R = "eye index" {used to be L or R - was put there for 3D, now a to Z}
00H = camera serial number {encoded as base36}
.mov = file extension

Kind regards,
Jan Heugel
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