Mini SUP 6.1.1 issues

Fri Sep 10, 2021 11:00 am


We started shooting a film late August with Alexa Mini with SUP 6.1.1.
After 3 weeks of no problems first error occured stating: Camera has restarted due to a technical problem. Camera has restarted while on standby. Battery was still 2/3 full. 4 hrs later another issue occured while shooting/in recording mode. A red ! symbol occured, I couldn’t stop recording, the REC button was blinking. I restarted the camera holding the power button. The shot clips were luckily fine! The error on the display was:
- Software error occured. Please rebot camera
- Severe system failure occured. Please reboot camera.

We continued shooting. For 3 days there were no errors. Then 1 per day, then 2 per day, then 3 per day and then we switched the camera for another Mini… and guess my surprise when the second body restarts it self due to a technical problem.

I would say the problem is with the SUP…is there a fix? My dop is sceptical about downgrading to previous SUP because of the noise reduction algoritms and we would like to avoid downgrading . Is there another fix or solution maybe?
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