ALEXA Mini LF Software Update Package 6.0.20

Wed Oct 23, 2019 10:32 am

Hello all,
We released ALEXA Mini LF Software Update Package (SUP) 6.0.20, an update to the production software for the ALEXA Mini LF.

Mini LF SUP 6.0.20 contains no feature changes from Mini LF SUP 6.0.16, but significant improvements to the reliability of the Mini LF camera and bug fixes. We have decided to slightly reduce the speed of the filter movement in order to further improve the reliability of the FSND filter slider.

For all ALEXA Mini LF owners we strongly recommend upgrading to Mini LF SUP 6.0.20. However we do not recommend installing a new SUP in the middle of a production. ALEXA Mini LF SUP 6.0.20 can be installed on all previously shipped ALEXA Mini LF cameras: pre-production PP-1 (6.0.4), pre-production PP-2 (6.0.11) as well as production cameras (6.0.15 and 6.0.16).

We recommend that you take your time to go through the release notes, the known issues section of the release notes document and the user manual before you start using the camera.

The SUP file, manual and release notes can be found here.

With best regards,
Frederic Merten
Product Management Camera Systems
Frederic Merten
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