Alexa mini losing Date/time

Wed Nov 18, 2020 7:45 pm

Hi, every time the camera is powered down the date/time change, for example in two different reel of the same day I have one card in 2011, the other between 2012/ 2013. I made a factory reset but nothing change...
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Re: Alexa mini losing Date/time

Fri Nov 20, 2020 10:38 am

Dear Luigi,

does this follow any pattern?

If the internal battery were dead or empty you would have a clock that restarts every time the camers is plugged in. But I guess it would restart on the same point of time e.g. 1-1-2015, 00:00.

The kind of jumps you are describing - does only the year change??
That sounds very odd.

Jan Heugel
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