Codex 1TB Card Issue

Tue Jul 20, 2021 9:05 am

Mini LF Owner/Op
(4) Codex 1TB Cards

Love to get some feedback on an issue I'm dealing with relating to the Codex 1TB cards.

It's been 8+ weeks since I sent in a non-responsive Codex 1TB Card. (both camera and computer do not recognize the card). Finally got news today that the thermal pads need to be replaced. Going to take another 6 weeks for the repair! Crazy eh? No loaner card offered which is a bit unsettling.

I'm an owner/op so these cards do not have that much time on them (14 months old). Plus, throw in Covid closures on top of that for even more limited use which has me scratching my head. Anyone else having issues or experiences like this where a card just doesn't mount or get recognized by the camera? Is this a thing?

These thermal pads failing had me wondering... does anyone else have a REALLY hot card when you pull it out of the camera after recording? Mine is scary hot- almost to the point where it's to hot to touch. Heat like that can't be good for internal components. Can an Arri technical rep please elaborate on this? Is the heat an issue for long term media reliability?

Any comments would be helpful.

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Alex Mitchell, DP
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