Mini SUP 6.1.1 issues

Fri Sep 10, 2021 11:00 am


We started shooting a film late August with Alexa Mini with SUP 6.1.1.
After 3 weeks of no problems first error occured stating: Camera has restarted due to a technical problem. Camera has restarted while on standby. Battery was still 2/3 full. 4 hrs later another issue occured while shooting/in recording mode. A red ! symbol occured, I couldn’t stop recording, the REC button was blinking. I restarted the camera holding the power button. The shot clips were luckily fine! The error on the display was:
- Software error occured. Please rebot camera
- Severe system failure occured. Please reboot camera.

We continued shooting. For 3 days there were no errors. Then 1 per day, then 2 per day, then 3 per day and then we switched the camera for another Mini… and guess my surprise when the second body restarts it self due to a technical problem.

I would say the problem is with the SUP…is there a fix? My dop is sceptical about downgrading to previous SUP because of the noise reduction algoritms and we would like to avoid downgrading . Is there another fix or solution maybe?
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Re: Mini SUP 6.1.1 issues

Tue Sep 28, 2021 3:28 pm


Sorry for the very late reply here and sorry that you were having issues with one of our products.

Were you in contact with ARRI Service about these topics? If so, could you send me the service notification number via DM so I can follow up? If you do not have the SNN in case it was a rented camera, could you send me the name and location of the rental house via DM?

Thanks and sorry again for the inconvenience.

Frederic Merten
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