Arri ESU-1 External Synchronization Unit for Arri Alexa

Fri Sep 03, 2021 11:14 am

Dear Alexa forum,

I will be shooting a scene with an old CRT monitor (taken from an Philips X-ray machine, looks like from the 80s maybe). I will use an Arri Alexa Plus Classic and the film is generally shot in 24.000fps.
We are planning to replace the content of the screen in VFX but still, I would like to use the screen as a light source, to realistically emulate the light coming from it. The CRT should be PAL and the electricity supply network is on 50hz.
Now I am wondering if in order to prevent any flicker I should arrange a sync / phase control box like the Arri ESU-1. Do you know if such a thing exists for the Alexa, too? Do you think it’ll be necessary?
I’ll do a test with the camera and the screen at the rental probably at the beginning of next week and know more, but I’d like to be prepared (maybe I could arrange such a sync box before the test).

Kind regards, Tilmann
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