Ball Mount and suction system for Alexa XT

Thu Mar 03, 2016 7:28 pm

Hi all,

I´d like to know if someone has experience in car mounting an Alexa XT with primes using suction cups and/or ball heads.
for instance Matthews claims 30 pounds for their Master Mount, so considering the Alexa + lens + battery + XR drive should be around 22 lbs.

Panther also has a very interesting suction system.

thanks in advance

Rodrigo Lizana
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Re: Ball Mount and suction system for Alexa XT

Mon Mar 07, 2016 2:48 pm

Hey Rodrigo,

I can only add some pictures to the discussion as we've used a lot of suction-rigging for the ALEXA-M Showreel. Our grip department used the Black Tek Air Rig 4 for this production.

Jan Heugel
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Jan Heugel
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