A first look to the Alexa XTplus

Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:44 pm

A first look to the Alexa XTplus

Once again I’m late and sorry for that, but you know spring is coming! Actually it already came, but I’ll try to give more consistency to this blog, as long as my job allows it. One other reason of the delay is that I was told I would had the possibility to test drive the Alexa XT plus and I thought that it would deserve the wait, since before I only worked with the standard version of the XT.

Actually, I would like to thank the guys at Chameleon Rental who gave me the chance to literally take the camera out of the box and be the first to push the REC button, which doesn’t happen everyday. But let’s get in the topic.

Body specs
After a lot of shooting with Amira and alexa mini, this camera does look very big and heavy, but you have to keep in mind that, featuring the XR module for on board arriraw recording and the RCU for control of the Arri FIZ system, it weights just 1 kg more than the Alexa classic and it’s only 3 cm wider. If you are a number freak, weights is 8,7kg (top handle and EVF included, Alexa standard is 7,3) and width is 183mm (Alexa standard is 153). I’m not exactly saying that it should be considered a light camera but…

More information:

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