Arri Meta Extract won't start

Fri Jan 15, 2021 2:51 pm

Dear Arri Forum,

I have used Arri Meta Extract successfully many times on my windows 10 pro machine but it suddenly stopped working. When I start the .exe it shows up in the task manager but there is simply no window to be seen and/or interacted with.
It does use some system ressources like approx. 90-70% of one logical processor along with 130mb of ram, and that constantly. The CMD version of AME pops up a typical cmd window when I try to run it, but that dissapears momentarily. So no luck on using that either.

Re-installing or repairing the program with the installer did not help, installing a legacy version of AME neither. I have tried to manually go through the windows registry and delete everything thats named arri, but to no avail.

Unfortunately that happend 3 months ago and I haven`t had time troubleshooting the problem since, so I simply can not remember if I may have installed some program or codec that causes interference with the AME. This happened some time (and windows and hardware updates on my side) ago and the situation hasn`t changed since.

Here are my Hardware specs - if that is of any help:
Windows 10 Pro
Threadripper 3970X
265gb Ram
NVIDIA 2x 1080ti resp. 2x 3090 (I upgraded but after the problems with AME appeared)
Asus rog Zenith II Extreme Alpha Mainboard.

Many thanks in advance,
Michael Hollinger
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