Losing "Look" inside Premiere

Mon May 07, 2018 12:37 am

Hey y'all!
Does anyone use looks (either the basic rec709 lut, something from the look library, or something you build or imported yourself) so it's shot on the camera and written into the metadata of a log-c clip, and try to use it in premiere? It loads in and registers the look/lut in premiere so it shows you how you shot it in the timeline, however if you reconnect media (like move to another machine or another editor) you lose the look so it goes back to log-c in your timeline. You can go into the master clip settings and it will say "Lumetri Color (Amira LUT)" or whatever but it is no longer registering, whether or not you click the fx on/off. For a basic rec709 you can easily use the drop down in Lumetri's basic panel and pick Alexa_Default_LogCRec709, but it's time consuming and annoying for every clip, and if you were using something from the Look Library you can't even do this. Wondering if there is a way to get the look to register again completely in the timeline without having to re-import the media from the source drive. Thanks.
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