SXU-1 range

Sun Jun 11, 2017 2:30 pm

Hi, I would want to know how much distance from the camera (aprox.) the SXU-1 stills performs correctlty.

For example, if I want to control the iris from the videovillage, I would want to know more or less if the SXU-1 will work or I´ll need to expect trouble with the remote communication.

Maybe there are a lot of factors to take into consideration, but just to have an idea of the maximum action range.

Thanks a lot!
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Re: SXU-1 range

Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:32 am


the SXU-1 was tested in "line of sight" about 1 km (3280 feet).
The range is depending on various circumstances (other radios, WLAN, WI-FI, local events,...).

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