WCU-4 >> SUP 3.1 out now!

Fri Jun 22, 2018 9:16 am

Everyone with a WCU-4 listen up, it's SUP 3.1 time!

Go to our WCU-4 Website and donwload the latest sUP for WCU-4.

    - 6 additional radio channels (14 in total, currently usable with ALEXA LF and cforce mini RF)
    - Inversion of focus, iris, zoom scales on WCU-4 lens data display
    - Ability to delete and move lens files on the SD card
    - Warning message when reaching max. amount of lens files per folder on SD card
    - Menu: remain in source directory after copying lens file
    - Improved listing of lens brands during lens programming
    - Several minor improvements and bug fixes

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Jan Heugel
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