OCU-1 Calibrating issue

Tue Jan 22, 2019 1:03 am


I have had issues today with calibrating my motors on my setup:
AMIRA RS -> C-force mini RF (Iris) -> C-force plus (Focus) -> OCU-1 (Firmware is up to date on all units.)

The OCU-1 has mostly been used to override the Iris, and the C-Force mini RF have really struggled to calibrate from the WCU-4.
Either the OCU-1 had to be off during calibration or the WCU-4 had to be power cycled. This is my two ways getting a working calibration:

New lens -> calibrated from WCU-4, iris was stuck in calibration on the WCU-4 -> calibrate the iris motor individually, power cycle the WCU-4 -> everything works fine (I guess turn off the WCU-4, and calibrate each motor individually would also work)

New lens -> Unplug the OCU-1, calibrate through the WCU-4, reconnect the OCU-1.

I knew from the release notes there is an issue with motor calibration from the OCU-1 but this hasn't been mentioned. Definitely some fighting between the OCU-1 and the WCU-4.
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Re: OCU-1 Calibrating issue

Wed Feb 20, 2019 10:56 am


thanks for your feedback regarding the calibrating issue you had. I totally understand this bug is really annoying.
We've already recognized this bug and are working on a bugfix.

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Christine Ajayi
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