Two feature requests for the future...

Sat Dec 22, 2018 2:59 pm

Hi Arri,
We are using an increasing amount of Sky Panels on feature films, recent projects have had hundreds of Sky Panels being moved between locations, involving large numbers of rigging crews. As the console operator I'm relying on any number of different personnel to have configured menu settings as required on the current film. Checking menu options is time consuming and prone to errors.

Would it be possible to build a fixture configuration file [by using the service software app for example] then save this to a USB stick? Crew could simply insert this thumb drive into a fixture and any settings are quickly set? Possibly displaying a file name under the DMX address so you know the lamp is correctly configured.

When controlling Sky Panels with the latest lighting consoles it's easy to build your own fixture profile and label parameters to personal preference - many people already do this. V4 firmware introduced even more control modes, most I will never have any use for. Rather than continue to increase the menu of modes could you explore having the ability to create your own 'custom' mode; so an advanced user could build a feature set based on a production, DP or gaffers requirements?

The first 'user mode' I'd build would have 16bit dimming, 8bit green, CCT/RGB and fan. If I could ditch the un-used functions I'd be able to reduce my channel count. I'm unlikely to ever use strobe or presets and they simply get in the way and use up parameters.

If I had cameraman or gaffer that wanted to try gel mode, I could build (and test myself) it's usefulness. If this feature became available the 'user mode' could be setup on the USB stick idea above.

Thanks! D
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Re: Two feature requests for the future...

Wed Jan 02, 2019 7:40 pm

Hi Bockswhite,

Thanks for your post.

Your first request is already implemented in SkyPanels. If you go to the USB Functions menu page, you will see a "Save Settings" option that will allow you to save all fixture settings (except things like DMX Address, as this should be different for each fixture) to a USB stick. You can make several USB sticks and give them to your crew who can in turn go to the USB Functions menu and use the "Load Settings" feature to clone the settings.

For your second idea, there are several options now the might help you. You can change the DMX Version in the DMX Settings menu page in order to reduce channel count if you have no use for the fan control, strobe, or preset DMX slots. For example, if you change to DMX Version 3.4, this gives only the very basic options. Also, we recently released the Ultimate DMX Mode which allows you to switch between any color mode in one DMX mode. So if you wanted to use CCT and Gel mode - this is possible. It is a complex DMX mode but gives you access to all color modes without changing the DMX Mode (personality).

I hope this helps and please let use know if you have any other thoughts or questions. Thanks!

- Mike Wagner
Senior Product Manager, ARRI
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Re: Two feature requests for the future...

Fri Jan 25, 2019 1:30 pm

Thanks for the reply. I presume the only way to check settings is to go through menu's and look - no way to have the preset name displayed for a quick check?
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