L10-C LED dimming

Fri Jan 15, 2021 4:34 pm

We bought for some weeks ago ten L10-C. We did notice that the first intensity step is very bright even with a 16 bit protocol (008). It may not be a problem in TV and filming case but for us it's an issue. We've often some long duration intensity fade from 0 to a value or invert.
The firmware and software versions seems to be the latest.
Is it possible to adjuste this treshold ?
Are you planning to fixe it in the next software update?

Thank you an have a nice day
Com Genève
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Re: L10-C LED dimming

Thu Jan 28, 2021 1:37 pm

Hello Alex:
Thanks for your question.
I guess you are using the L10 in live events?
just to make sure I understand clearly your issue: you mean find the 0-> on is too "jump" for you?
Can you also let us know which DMX mode you have choosing and what is the lighting set you have tried? Like CCT of white light or color picked and at what dimming level (0->10%,or other) you would use it. Thank you.
Indeed the dimming at low end is especially challenging for LED fixtures. Let's see how we can do to make it better for your application.

Nancy Liu
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Re: L10-C LED dimming

Wed Feb 03, 2021 6:42 pm

Hello Nancy
Thank you for your answer !
Yes we use the fixture in theater. Yes the intensity of the on state of the led is to strong for us. We use the fixture in dmx mode 008 16 bit protocole. The issue is the same with different dmx mode. We presume that the issue is indepedant from the dmx mode and like you wrote more as a low voltage dimming problem.
We control the fixture with an ETC Eos system.

Best regards
Com Genève
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