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Henning Rädlein
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Dear friends of ARRI,

In 1917 two enthusiastic teenagers, August Arnold and Robert Richter, founded a film technology firm in Munich, Germany. 100 years later the headquarters are still on the same street in Munich, but ARRI has grown into a global company and a trusted partner of the international motion picture industry.

Our centenary celebrations this year will focus on September, the actual month of the anniversary, when we’ll be launching some exciting and interactive online content.

I am in the editing process of those films and I am lacking behind-the-scenes footage, showing the camera and lighting work. This can be classic film shoots as well as digital shoots, it can be location, studio, aerials, underwater, macro and micro, moving in the air, on dollies or handheld, hot and cold, summer and winter, sand and snow, dry and wet. It can be modern or historic – only thing needed: it must look cool.

So if you want to support me and have some shots which you own or have the rights cleared to hand them over to ARRI, we would appreciate your help. We prefer 24 fps, low compression.

To upload, please use this link: https://arriwebgate.com/en/upload_links ... 323e41b41f
By uploading, you verify to have the right to release this footage for possible inclusion in the ARRI centenary films.

I thank you very much for your support and look forward to enjoy something unseen!
If you email me (hraedlein@arri.de) what you uploaded and your name, we can credit you at the end of the clip.
Henning Rädlein
Digital Camera Specialist ARRI
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