Lens Table Marketplace?! YES!

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Jan Heugel
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Dear all,
in the mist of NAB we've silently launched a new sibling to the ARRI Forum.
The Lens Table Marketplace

What's that?
Everybody who does not use our LDS-enabled lenses but wants to have the lens metadata (be it for VFX or our ECS System, like in the WCU-4) needs to create a lens table (for every lens!) "to get the lens into the system".

To ease that process for the whole community - and not to have to create LDA tables every time you get a set of lenses - everybody (assistants, rental houses, vfx crew) are hereby invited to upload their own LDA tables for 3rd party lenses to the market place for everyone to use.

The login to the forum is the same as for the Marketplace!
ARRI Lens Table Marketplace

LDA? Metadata? ECS?
In case you are overwhelmingly puzzled by LDA, ECS and why the heck this might be any good - find out about the benefits not only for on-set work but also for the VFX crew who might be able to get high quality lens metadata for free! - here:

Lens Data System FAQ

Jan Heugel
Application Engineer
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