Skypanel s360 via grandMA2 full size, color issue in Dimming

Fri Oct 26, 2018 6:04 pm


I'm working with 20x s60 and 6x s360 Skypanels via DMX cable on grandMA2 full size at a cinema movie.
All Skypanels are working in Mode 3.
The main lighting work is done in switching colortemperatur from 4500 K up to 10000 K and dimming.

I'm doing a red flash effect on 4 of the s360s:
These fixtures are off, no sequence or anything playing on them.
Now giving them a 100% Dim value, Colorcrossfade 100 and select the red color in the color picker.
Assigning them to an Executer and doing an manual outfade while the actor is desytroying the thing which is emitting the red light.

All good so far.
When the dimming is close to 0 the s360s are flashing in an strange orange color.

This flash is watched by eye, but not visible in values on the console.

What is the problem here?


K. Ziegler
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Re: Skypanel s360 via grandMA2 full size, color issue in Dim

Tue Dec 17, 2019 5:27 am

For any LED light source the color control at very low-end(<5% intensity) is a challenging part.
At very low end, color shift might be observed. Low End Mode was developed to help in this case.
Activate “Low End Mode” on SkyPanel, the dimming and color stability will be much improved at low end.
If a even smoother performance at low end is needed, "S curve" can be turned on in addition.
The default dimming curve on SkyPanel is Exponential Curve. While S curve is applied, the dimming at low end and high end is much slower/smoother than other dimming curves.

Nancy Liu
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