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I’ve had the same problem a couple of times when it’s not possible to transfer a lens file from WCU4 handset to an ALEXA Mini.

The most recent time it’s happened I’ve mapped one lens, sent it with no problem. Mapped another at the point you press ‘transfer’ the circular ‘busy’ icon appears. The handset then doesn’t respond. I left the handset for 15mins and nothing happened Pulling the battery was the only way to cycle the power.

WCU was using 3.1.17 and ALEXA Mini 5.4.13. I tried downgrading the wcu4 firmware also, that didn’t work either.

Any thoughts?

Gernot Füllsack
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Hello Ben,

we know there are some small bugs in case of LDA transfer.
They should be fixed in the next SUP of WCU-4 (will be released in the next two weeks).

Is it possible to send us your LDA files which are not possible to transfer?
We wanna be sure that there is no other problem (filename,...)

please send the files to: service@arri.at

best regards
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