Input LDA from WCU-4 handset, not EVF.

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I am using a WCU-4 and Alexa Mini.

The handset can do most things, but one obvious one i cannot seem to figure out is that i cannot select an LDA from the WCU-4 handset, it has to be done in the EVF of the Alexa Mini.

I often take the EVF off the camera when building for Steadicam or Crane, and it is a pain that the only workaround for this is having to use a phone to programme the LDA in when not using the EVF. Am i missing something?

Surely it would be quite easy in the future to be able to select the lens directly from the WCU-4 handset via a firmware update?

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If you have the files in the WCU-4 you can absolutely send to camera wirelessly. You simply select the one you want and hit the "send to camera" button.
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Yes, but I think the question is can you change the lens file used as you change a lens on the camera without needing the EVF or WiFi? Would be great if you could.
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i forwarded your question to the productmanager.
Thank you for your Input.

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