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Doug Shannon
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I have not been able to get Stellar to work on my iPad Mini or on my iPhone 7. When I try to discover Skypanels the app crashes every time.

Yes my Skypanels have firmware 4.1
Yes I am sure of the wireless DMX connection - I confirmed by first controlling the lights with Luminaire (via Cintenna AKS).

64GB iPad Mini version 11.4.1
256 GB iPhone 7 version 11.3.1

Should I be able to get Stellar to work on one of these devices or do you recommend a certain other device?

Doug Shannon
Gaffer - NYC
Mike Wagner
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Hi Doug,

Thanks for your post.

Stellar uses DMX and RDM to communicate and discovery ARRI fixtures in the network. This means that all the equipment needs to be RDM compliant. The AKS does not have RDM builtin so it will not work with Stellar. This was the reason we developed the SkyLink system. The SkyLink Base Station uses DMX and RDM to communicate and so it will work perfectly with Stellar. The Cintenna Receivers that you might already have will also work, just not the AKS as the transmitter.

I hope this answers your question. Please let us know if we can help further.

- Mike Wagner
Senior Product Manager, ARRI
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