Arri 150w fresnel (110v and 230v )

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I have a question concerning the Arri 150w fresnel.
If I buy an arri fresnel in the US can I use it in France ?
Do I need to simply just change the plug and the bulb ? (110v to 230v).
Is the carriage of the bulb different ?
It seems as though the US Arri 150w fresnel has a BA15D socket and
the EU Arri 150w fresnel has a GX6,35 socket.
Can I just buy a 150w bulb 230v with a BA15D socket ? Does this exist ?
Or do I need to change the socket carriage of the light ?
And if so, how do I do that ?
Thanks for any feed-back.
Anna Binder
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Hello Christo,

a conversion is not recommended in this case. If the US product is used in France, the operating license is not valid any more. Conversions are excluded from liability and warranty claims.

The US versions L3.79360.A and L1.79360.A are 120 V versions, whereas the European version is designed for 230 V.

The following components are different for the two variants:
- the US cables are UL certified. This certification is required for use in the USA.
- the lamp holder are different due to the different lamps (120 V / 230 V)
- the bottom tray is printed differently

Best regards,
Anna Binder
Product Management - ARRI
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