CForce RF Connection instability

Sat Jan 25, 2020 7:51 pm

I am a focus puller in Atlanta GA and have flipped from Preston to WCU in the past two years. I love the system. I am currently on A Camera on "Doom Patrol: Season 2" and using a combination of Red Monstro and DXL2. I have 2 systems each with a WCU4, SXU, and CForce Mini motors.

My DIT uses the SXU on Iris Channel connected to a CForce Mini that is connected to a CForce RF which is on the Focus Channel which I use.

We have updated the firmware on all the motors.

The issue that I have had is randomly getting messages to "Connect New Iris Motor" on the SXU. It would sometime lose connection and default to an end limit (wide open on the Iris). That issue may have been solved with the updated firmware. But, the connection issues remain.

last night, we have a steady problem with the iris and SXU staying connected. I had same issue with the focus channel and WCU. when we had connection issues we notice the signal on the handsets fluctuated.

I had a PTAP power to LBUS cable in the LBUS port on the CForce Mini - thinking that there might have been a low voltage issue. It did not seem to help.

Please let me know if there is a solution that I don't know about.

The systems work flawlessly 99% of the time. But, these issues have occurred regularly enough that I wanted to reach out to other users.
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