Trimming and saving Alexa Mini clips in Quicktime

Wed Sep 02, 2020 12:05 pm

Hoping someone can solve a little mystery for me.
I always a trim my ALEXA Mini clips to the useable part using QT Player on a Mac to save space. It also gives me the chance to rename them and save the trimmed version in specific folders. (I shoot and edit my own productions so have the luxury of this bespoke workflow.)
However my Mini is in for repair and I've a loaner Mini from the lovely people at Arri. But I find that although I can still trim and rename a clip, I can't save the trimmed version. I get an error message saying it has "not been possible to complete this operation".
Is there a setting on the loaner Mini I need to alter to enable me to trim and save clips with new names? Or is there a simple work around (I'm currently trimming them and exporting in Resolve which is very laborious). I'm shooting 422 HQ and 4444.
Any help much appreciated!
Thanks, Dave
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Re: Trimming and saving Alexa Mini clips in Quicktime

Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:30 pm

Dear Dave,

I'm afraid there is no menu setting that lets you change file parameters.
Only the format of course: ProRes or ARRIRAW.

I'm not aware of changes on a file level - but did both Mini's run the same firmware version?

That's an interesting Quicktime 7 Pro workflow you have set up there. Why don't you import all clips to e.g. Premiere and set your ins/outs there? You would not need a quality gedrading render step in between.

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