Tue Mar 23, 2021 12:59 pm

Hello everyone,

I was on set yesterday, working with Alexa mini + Cooke/i Anamorphic at 2.8K 4:3, ProRes 4444, 2x lens squeeze factor.

We were filming with the 25mm Cooke/i anamorphic and then we swinged to a 32mm Cooke/i anamorphic.

The new lens was recognised straight away by the Alexa Mini as per usual and the new lens data offered up onto the WCU-4 display. I calibrated the new lens and everything worked fine.

I noticed this though:

When using the 25mm Cooke/i anamorphic, the surround view was 'off' and what we were watching through the SDI OUT on the 17" monitor and any other monitors had 100% black outside the framelines (no surround view).
But when we changed to the 32mm Cooke/i anamorphic the surround view was 'on' and what was outside the framelines was not blacked out anymore.

My question is: is it possible that certain lens profiles carry also some settings like for example a custom frameline or a surround view on/off setting that get passed onto the mini when connected to the active PL mount?

I have no other explanations for the change in settings, since we only changed the lens and calibrated it from the wcu-4.
I didn't have to manually select a lens profile from the LDA folder in the WCU-4 as the lens was automatically recognised through the port.

Would really appreciated if anyone could shed light on this.
Thank you


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Mon Apr 12, 2021 3:51 pm

Dear Nico,

since nobody seems to have any clue - me included - I can only offer "vignetting" as an answer, but I highly doubt that either!

We don't have a function for the LDS mount to trigger specific camera settings (like "user attaches anamorphic lens > menu only offes anamorphic recording modes" - which would totally be possible, but we leave that to the user).

The surround-view shading is a menu-option - but changing the mask value cannot be triggered by e.g. a user button.
What a user button could do is switch surround view on and off. I could Imagine the button bein pushed by accident, the function is called "SDI Surround". But pushing the button once by accident would be clearly recognizeable when you change back and forth.

Which recording mode did you use?

Kind regards,
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