Skypanel missing Lee 300 and 500 series

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Is there a reason that the Lee filters in the 300 and 500 range are not included in the Skypanel settings? I am particularly thinking about Follies Pink, Special Medium Lavender and Madge etc.

I'm happy to put them in using RGB and saving as presets but cannot find the info online

Any help appreciated,

Ben Díaz
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Hello REFaust; thanks for your message.

In Skypanel's firmware 4, a big amount of filters from ROSCO and LEE are supported. Because of the vast portfolio of filters available in the market, only certain series were selected and included as gel macros in our fixtures.

For creating specific gels and storing them as presets, I recommend the powerful XY onboard coordinate control. LEE has a very useful database for all their filters at When a particular filter is searched or selected, the filter webpage allows to read X and Y coordinates for a specific source. So, for instance, a #328 Follies Pink has a X value of 0.532 and a Y value of 0.266 for a tungsten source, which equals a Skypanel white point of 3200K with those exact coordinates. You can also play with dimming percentages to try to equal the Transmission values, emulating a tungsten response (LEE also includes a color reference depending on the dimmer level and correlated temperature). After adjusting the desired values in the skypanel, it is possible to store the result as a preset.

Firmware 4 is needed to take advantage of this feature; more information can be found at ... 1644352927.

I hope this works for you.
Ben Díaz
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