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Hi, recently I had purchased some used CP3 lenses in imperial scale mark. When lenses attached to my Alexa mini, it shown in metric scale on viewfinder. Focal length is also shown as 35mm which my lens is a 21mm wide angle. The only data that correct in display is the iris. Is there a setting to this data through the Alexa mini camera or do I need to send back to factory to reset this? Is there a way for me to do the data calibration without sending back these lenses to Zeiss? Thanks, Eric.
Benjamin Rausch
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Hi Eric,

thank you for your message and sorry for the late response.
Regarding the focus unit, there is indeed an option on our camera that let's you switch between the focus units.
Therefore you have to follow the following path: INFO -> LENS INFO -> SETTINGS -> Focus Unit
In this submenu you can choose whether you would like to have the focus unit to be in imperial or in metric scale. As an alternative you can also select the option to follow the default settings of the lens.

Regarding the fact that the displayed focal length doesn't match the focal length of the lens, I have a question. You mentioned that you bought several CP.3 lenses. Does it also happen with other lenses? For this topic, you will propably have to contact Zeiss.

I hope this helps you out.

Best regards,
Benjamin Rausch
Product Management Optical Systems
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