Change name Presets?

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It's my first post in this forum, greetings to all.

I can't find anything on the internet and downloading the .jason (Save Presets) file with the presets the names don't appear.

In the skypanel S 30c, s 60 and S 360........

Is there a way to change the name of the presets so that the name of the color appears and not the number?

Sorry for my english, i use google translator.

Thank you.
Ben Díaz
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Hello and welcome to the ARRI forum!

You can find the information about USB functions in the SkyPanel user manual, page 22. Here is a link: ... n-data.pdf

As described in the manual, up to 30 preset lists can be stored in the root directory of the USB memory stick. The file name is <product serial number>-Presetxx.json. The SkyPanel is looking for „Presetxx.json“ to identify a preset list on an USB memory stick. Be sure to keep the string when renaming a preset list. Otherwise the file will not be found by the SkyPanel.

The fixture will look for the "Presetxx", being "xx" a number, when loading the presets, so unfortunately this has to be there. But you could name the preset list directly in the USB root before the sequence ends, as long as the "Presetxx" still remains in the name of the file. For instance:

<product serial number>-Colors-Preset01.json.

I hope this works for you! Don't hesitate to ask further questions and have a great day ahead.
Ben Díaz
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