Native ARRIRAW Worfkflow for FCP

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I would like to request a native ARRIRAW Worfkflow plugin for FCP. I believe there is a market for it! And users of FCP can greatly appropriate the workflow. I am imagining a workflow plugin where I would be able to link/relink ARRIRAW and Prores files on the fly within FCP.

I hope you can work with Apple to achieve this!

Thank you,
Jan Heugel
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Dear Felix,

we're offering our SDK to all interested parties. If it would be within APPLE's scope for FCPX to support ARRIRAW they could implement it.
We don't have the ressources to cater 3rd party applications with plug-ins.

Personally I guess the market for FCPX is where Adobe has its main audience: "DSLR & Drone & Mobile" shooters and "Youtubers" which go into the millions? Whereas ARRI cameras have a way lower spread and there's a free Resolve around.
Gluetools used to have a plug-in for Final Cut Studio back in the days, but that was discontinued before Final Cut X was born.

Jan Heugel
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