Can't clean lenses without streaks or scratches

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Hi, I have scoured the internet looking for an answer but every time I try the recommendation, its to no avail. Yes, I've seen the video put out by Arri, but im still getting the same problems. This is what the consensus online seems to be:

-Don't wipe hard or more than once per cloth
-Blow dust off if possible with that red tipped dust blower (can't remember the name of it a.t.m.)
-Use a spray like pancro

I currently have been using pancro spray and pec pad wipes. I can't tell what im doing wrong. I'll spray the cloth glide it gently across the lens, and then repeat. but I always get a streak once I shine my phone light on the glass to reveal the glass better. I've also tried the scientific wipes and while they are better at getting the more "irritating" specs that won't come off, they leave micro scratches.
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As you have already done a lot of research and have the main points covered, I will just add that the addition of a small turntable will make the process much easier. Place the lens in the center and while the lens turns, slowly wipe your cloth from the center to the edge.
To find a turntable you can search for swivel stands, lazy Susans or the like.
Silvan Liu
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