Sky Panel S360 random flash

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Hi folks,
Posting this on behalf of our light department as they are pretty slammed.

We are getting random daylight flashed on our Sky Panel S360 lights when they are not lit put still powered up (Head is not emitting light but is powered up and on DMX standby). It happens completely random and on different heads.
The lights are attached to a Wireless DNX W-DNX access point and they are transmitting in the 2.4Ghz frequency realm. The flashing never happens on hardwire. Anyone else ever see this?
Brian Doran
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It does sound like you've pretty well isolated the issue to your WDMX receivers. Can you please confirm the firmware version on your fixtures, and the model of WDMX receiver you're using? Does this also happen with the Skypanels built-in CRMX receiver?
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