Arri Alexa 35 & WCU crash

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Hi guys

I was just rigging an Alexa 35 for a client. It's been fully updated with the newest firmware, and so has the WCU-4.
When I turned on the cameras radio for the WCU the WCU would pixelate, turn off and turn back on. And then again repeat the process until I shut off the radio on the Alexa 35.

It happened with 3 WCU-4's and it seemed to not be tied to the WCU's themselves. I ended up adding a UMC-4 onto the rig, turned the radio in camera off, and it worked instantly with no crashes.

ANY idea what might be happening and how to solve this!?

Thank you!
Silvan Liu
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Hi Sebastian,

Glad you were able to get the setup to work.
Regarding the WCU-4 with the Alexa 35 could you let us know what lens you were using on the camera. If you send the log files from the camera to our service department ( we can also try to analyze the behavior further. As you tried this on multiple WCU-4s this sounds like a bug that we would like to get to the bottom of.
Silvan Liu
ARRI Service - Burbank, California
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