Hi-5 camera control license issue

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Hi all.
I apologize for my poor English, hope you understand

I have a Hi-5, and try to RED Camera control license activation. but It Kees failing.

I Move purchased file from the ARRI license shop to HI-5, I can see file (_RED.lic) in license install menu of Hi-5
and then, select the file -> 'Import Failed' Message appears.
I try to both SD Card + Reader and USB stick, but it was same result.
I use the SD, USB made in 'Prepare USB Medium (fat32 format)' of Hi-5 menu
I succeeded in applying recent firmware 1.2.0 with the same media and method
I keep the folder, directory rules (ARRI -> HI-5 -> LICENSES -> _RED.lic) and I had successful experienced WCU-4 license activation

Do you have any experiences or solutions?
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