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I've got a bunch of shots from an arri alexa XT that are arriraw. I'd like to import them to Premiere (latest version), but when I import folders it takes forever and each file becomes a clip. So my only option at this point is to go into each folder and import each clip separately by clicking on the first file in the corresponding folder. So instead of editing I would only ... ahh, that's too awkward.

Are there any Premiere users who have a workaround to this mess?
Tnka you!
Jan Heugel
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Dear Daniel,
I'm sorry, that is the current state im Premiere.
We're talking to Adobe to address our wishes, but that is as much we can do.

Feel free to use this form: to improve Premiere.

Jan Heugel
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To import multiple files: Hold down the Control key to select multiple files, then click Open. To import a folder of files: Locate and select the folder you want to import, then click Folder. A new bin is created in the Project window, containing the contents of the folder.
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