Editing Resolution Settings Arri Alexa Mini LF in FCPX

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I am editing a film for cinema release in FCPX (normally use Premiere)
The footage is shot 4480 x 1856
What setting should my project be? B Cam is the Canon C300 at 4096 x 2160 but obviously the settings are to prioritise A Cam - the Alexa,
Thanks in advance,
Jan Heugel
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Dear Ali,

The footage from Mini LF is 2.39:1. So the question is what's your delivery format?
If it's 4096x2160: import your clips, disable "Spatial Conform" (for each clip) and scale to 92% that would give you a letterboxed 2.39:1.
Is the C300 sperical? So you would crop accordingly to match the 2.39:1.

Jan Heugel
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