Arri Hi5-Alexa lf-cforce mini-cforce RF keeps calibrating by itself

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Hello I'm a Belgian puller filming in Iceland and over the course of the shoot the motors decide to recalibrate by themselves.
The setup is lbus to l-cube lbus to cforcemini lbus to cforce RF on client.
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unfortunately there is a software bug in the CUB-1 that can result in this behavior.
To prevent this from happening I always advice to put the CUB-1 on the end of your LBUS daisy chain. Not in between motors or between Camera and motors.
For example:
Camera LBUS mount -> LBUS cable -> cforce motor (F) -> cforce motor (I) -> CUB-1 -> UDM-1 / Cinetape/ Cine RT

If you still experience issues, try updating all devices to the latest SUPs: ... e-packages

all the best,
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