when recording 60fps, then switching back to "real speed" 23.98, can't continue to record

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This issue has popped up a few times now with my Amira. My project settings are 23.98, and I'll occasionally be swapping back and forth between higher frame rates, however, sometimes when I return to 23.98, the STBY icon will not appear and I can not hit record. If it go back to where I was before (60FPS) it will allow me to record again, or if I go even higher, but switching back to 23.98 won't allow record unless I restart the camera. In doc/sports world this has obviously caused a few problems so just curious if anyone else has experienced this?

Andrew Lee
Simon Duschl
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Hi Andrew,

please get in touch with our ARRI Sercice -> service@arri.de or here https://www.arri.com/en/technical-servi ... e-requests.
Please also send a camera log file.
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