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I understand that the sensor has a native ISO of 800 and any adjustments on the EI will affect the distribution of the 14 stops of dynamic range.

So when shootig raw, if for example I set the EI to 200 instead of 800, does it mean that the sensor will now be registering less light or it´s the same amount but the monitor shows a darker image (as if the EI was just a ¨lut¨ for monitoring)?

Also, is it the same logic when shooting prores?
Jan Heugel
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Hi there,

the ISO setting defines how the light registered by the sensor's photosites is being interpredted by the camera's image pipeline. In case of ARRIRAW this information is "only" metadata an can be changed in postproduction. Regardless of the setting there can't be more light or less light. So when you record ARRIRAW with ISO 200 you can cange that to ISO 800 in post. It will look like if you had chosen ISO 800 in the first place.

Since ProRes 422HQ up to ProRes 4444 XQ is not a raw codec ,the image signal travels through the whole image pipeline and the ISO setting is applied to the image and cannot be changed afterwards.

But changing the ISO influences the portrayal of light above and below neutral grey.
See attached image.

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