RGBW Gel Conversion Chart & White Point

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When using the Gel Conversion Chart RGB values with the newest Skypanel FW, should I be setting the Color Temperature of the fixture to the Color Temperature listed on the Gel Conversion Chart? Ie. if I am using Gel Conversion Chart “SkyPanel Gel Conversion - 5600K 8 Bit” should my Color Temperature be set to 5600K? I have been getting mixed results. Skypanel is in Mode 24. Thank you.
Brian Doran
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Yes, you should set your white point to be 5600K if you are using RGBW values to match gels, as per the conversion chart. If your results are still strange, I would recommend double checking to make sure that you are in Calibrated RGBW space and not Direct. Direct was the default option prior to FW 4.4.
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