VEB-1 vs VEB-3 Viewfinder Brackets?

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I'm trying to build as lightweight a rig for my Alexa Mini LF as possible. And was wondering about the differences between the older VEB-1 and the current VEB-3 viewfinder extension brackets.

I can't find any documents providing specs for the VEB-1, so I was wondering if someone could please confirm how much it weighs? Also, how long is it from tip-to-tip when fully extended?

Also, is there any rotation allowed by the cylindrical barrel of the VEB-1 (when the extension lock-off is loosened), or does it only track straight forwards or backwards (like the VEB-3 does)?

And (out of interest) was there ever a "VEB-2"? I can't find any Google proof that it ever existed.
Christian Kaufhold
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Hey Grumply,

I cannot say anything about the existence or nonexistence of a VEB-2 but I've checked a couple of things for you.

Their respective extension ranges appear to be about the same. (as demonstrated by the images I've attached).

The VEB-1 weighs about thirty percent less than the VEB-3. VEB-1 weighs 240g, while VEB-3 weighs 390g.
MicrosoftTeams-image (14).jpg
MicrosoftTeams-image (16).jpg
However, they do differ in a few aspects in terms of features.

There is approximately 90° of adjustment range for the VEB-3 attachment point of the eyepiece leveler. In the event that the VF Mounting Bracket becomes overloaded with payload, it provides a support arm for backup. Additionally, if the screw is not tightened, a locking pin prevents the VEB from being unintentionally pulled out.

I can't say anything about the difference in rigidity, but both of them give the impression that it isn't one to worry about.

If you loosen the extension lock, the VEB-1 cannot be rotated in its stock configuration. A set screw is used to direct the extension's motion in a straight path. (as seen in one of the photographs I've included) You could undo the aforementioned screw, but doing so would increase the chance of unintentionally removing the entire extension.
MicrosoftTeams-image (15).jpg
With any luck, my responses were useful and I wish you a pleasant day.
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Thank you Christian, that answers all of my questions. Much appreciated.
Jan Heugel
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Hey Mark,
ich checked with Product Management, VEB-2 never made it further than prototype-state. For the next one they went straight to "3".

Jan Heugel
Application Engineer
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