LDS-1 and LDS-2 what is a difference?

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Hello, can anyone tell me what is a difference between Arri LDS-1 and LDS-2 as i understand now only Alexa LF and Alexa Mini LF has LDS-2 and LDS-2 lenses are only Signature Primes.
But what is a difference in metadata with those LDS-1 and LDS-2?
Silvan Liu
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The biggest difference from a user's perspective is that when you mount a lens with LDS-2 there is no need to rotate each ring for the position readings to work.
Another difference is an increased data rate provided by LDS-2, increasing the accuracy of frame by frame metadata when shooting at higher frame rates.
Silvan Liu
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Jan Heugel
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Hi Yaron,

also see here: Lens Mounts or here LDS FAQ

Jan Heugel
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Do you allow other companies to license LDS usage on their cameras ? Like Sony and RED?
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