Arri Mini LF ongoing failure’s even after 2 times service

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Long story short.
We are a small camera service company. We decided to upgrade our game and bought the Alexa Mini LF ready-to-shoot package. We were excited, but the hell on earth went on. Out of the box on the first-ever powering on the camera Error: fan2 is blocked or not functional. (#93). The camera was serviced in Munich. On 16 September 2022, We were told that everything was OK.
In February 2023 the camera presented an error (for the first time): media reliability is at risk to write interrupt. Please backup data and erase media (#195). Error 36 on PC and Mack while trying to extract data. We couldn’t backup the data and a few takes were damaged. It appeared only once, so we have been told it’s nothing serious (by our distributor). In September 2023, just one year after the first major failure, we had multiple errors: recording stopped: write rate of recording media decreased (#178) error: playback failed (#151) error: media reliability is at risk to write interrupt. Please backup data and erase media (#195) we had about 25 plus takes gone. The codex team couldn’t save all the data and made all efforts to help us! of course, it was a paid service in the UK.
The camera was serviced once again in Munich. The micro coax cable 40pin 150 mm and CDVF were replaced in December 2023.
Now (March 2024) we have an error again: media reliability is at risk to write interrupt. Please backup data and erase media (#195).
You don’t need to be an engineer to understand that the camera has been damaged since it was primarily assembled. Although ARRI knew there were some issues with it, they let us suffer the consequences. We have been sוed and we lost several clients, productions, and of course credibility, not our fault. We lost any trust in the brand and quality of the camera. How can we use a camera that works for only 400 hours and has issues every few months? And it seems that the service in ARRI is like “shit happens” and sends us back. After all, it’s about business and we lost lots of money and trust! We want the product service we paid 80000 euro for. If it were an iPhone we would demand a new product! For us, this case is worse!
We expect a company such as ARRI to provide a good working product, among the best service. But now we see it's not the case: it's embarrassing that ARRI can't take responsibility and replace their damaged product.

We are not even talking here about the loss of money while waiting for the repairs, shipping, and more. Just looking to resolve it. The camera is stored for a third of the time we own it because of all those malfunctions. It is supposed to return its value, not stand still.
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Dear Armen,

I'm sorry for the inconvenience your are experiencing with your camera. I've flagged your camera with ARRI Service. They will have a close look at all the measures taken and get in touch with you to find a satisfying solution.

Kind regards,
Jan Heugel
Application Engineer
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