1.6x de-squeeze option

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I recently learned that one manufacturer is going to announce ‘1.6x rear anamorphic adapter’ soon but as far as I am concerned, ‘1.6x de-squeeze’ option is currently not available on ARRI cameras (Alexa35, MiniLF and others) for onset viewing via EVF and MON-OUTs. The closest options on the cameras include 1.5x and 1.65x, and I wonder if ARRI has any plan to add ‘1.6x de-squeeze’ option? No doubt it will certainly depend on the demand from the market though.

I became aware that ‘smallHD cine 7’ can offer 1.6x de-squeeze under ‘Custom de-squeeze’ option so will use the monitor during my upcoming test but will also try ‘1.65x de-squeeze’ option on the cameras to see if it could be still a decent alternative for temporary use.

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