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Hi everyone,

I think I´ve read somewhere that the Alexa 35 has the option to record Log3 or Log4. Is it correct? If so, how can I check in the menu to confirm that it's indeed recording in Log4?

Furthermore, does the same apply to the Alexa Mini? Is there an option to record in Log2 or only Log3? And if both options are available, how can I ensure that it's recording in Log3?

Do the cameras by default chose the best Log option?

Thank you!
Simon Duschl
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No, our ALEXA 35 can only record LogC4 and has no option to record LogC3.
Our ALEXA Mini and ALEXA Mini LF and other legacy cameras are recording LogC3, but it's possible to switch to LogC4 during the debayer process.
Therefore this is only possible for ARRIRAW files and not for Apple ProRes files, as Apple ProRes has already been debayered.
To get the advantages of our latest and best image science 'REVEAL' then LogC4 is necessary.

More information about REVEAL you will find here:
https://www.arri.com/en/learn-help/lear ... or-science
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