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Hi everyone,

after reading lots about card compatibility, I'm still unsure if this card by Sandisk:


is compatible for ALEXA Mini.

I've searched here, on Amazon, other forums, different shops... The price varies wildly and as the camera is discontinued now, the focus has shifted, and nobody talks about it. Any experience?
Christian Kaufhold
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Hey Tkeser,

ARRI posted this compatibility chart a while ago. ... w-data.pdf

please take a look at it.

It looks like that, for the 512GB Models from SanDisk, only the ARRI Certified ones are compatible with an Alexa Mini.

If you want to use a card that is not specifically said to be compatible, in my experience, the camera will give you an Error and refuse to record on those cards.

I hope this information was helpful.

Oliver Temmler
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Hi tkeser,

you need to get specifically the ARRI Edition of this card, which runs on a different firmware. The retail cards will be refused as invalid by the camera.
You can tell the cards apart from the sticker on the back and the packaging. The ARRI cards come without a blister pack and have a blue/white sticker on the back, with our K order number, a 2D Data Matrix, whereas the retail cards have a grey/white sticker.
The card is available from ARRI and ARRI resellers. Please shoot me a PM if you need assistance finding a reseller in your region!

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Oliver Temmler
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